How to Find a Wireless Access Point IP AddressEver had to find out the IP address of your wireless network or someone else’s so you could change their settings? Most people set up their wireless networks right out of the box with no configuration and therefore have no idea what the IP address is.
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However, these days you need to sign in and set up at least one strong password for your WiFi network that is different from the one assigned by default. In addition, it is a good idea to also change the router password so that someone else who is connected to your network cannot log into your router and change settings.
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If you are already connected to the wireless network, it is very easy to find out the router’s IP address. If you are not connected to WiFi, you must have access to an ethernet connection.
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You can only find out the IP address of the router from a device connected via WiFi or from a device connected via a cable (Ethernet). No password is required for the wired connection. This is an easy way to bypass WiFi security when you can’t remember WiFi password.

Connected to router

If you are wired or wirelessly connected, you can just open the command prompt and run a simple command. Go to Start , Run and type in CMD . Enter at the command prompt , type ipconfig and press the Enter key.
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Scroll down until you get to the heading that has Ethernet adapter Ethernet or WLAN adapter Wi-Fi in the name . Usually you will only see one, but computers with WiFi cards and Ethernet cards will see two entries. The IP address of the wireless access point is the IP address listed for Default Gateway .

It’s worth noting that the default gateway is actually just the IP address of the router that connects to the internet. On certain networks with more than one router, this might be your ISP router’s IP address, but not necessarily your wireless router. To discover more than one router, check out the link below to scan your network for devices.

Now you can go ahead and enter that address into your browser and you should see the login page for your router.

In my case, my default gateway is my Verizon Actiontec router, which also acts as my wireless router. That’s all! It’s pretty easy to get the IP address for the access point this way.

However, if for some reason you can’t run Command Prompt or need to find multiple routers on the network, you need a network scanning tool. Make sure you have read my previous post on Scanning Your Network for Devices which will tell you not only how to get the IP address for all routers but any other device that is connected to the network.

Not connected to router

If you are not connected to the router via WiFi or Ethernet, you can only find out the router’s IP address if the network is not using encryption. If a password is set on the WiFi network, you are out of luck.
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However, you can still get some information about wireless networks that you are not connected to by using some third-party tools. They can’t give you a lot of information, but it might help you find a hidden wireless network.

Suppose you go to your school library and know that there is a wireless network there, but the SSID broadcast is turned off for security reasons. While it’s not secure at all, users use it to prevent others from connecting to their wireless network.

In this case, you will need a WiFi network discovery tool. You can use a tool like Xirrus WiFi Inspector to make sure the wireless network actually exists. WiFi Inspector is a program that can detect wireless networks even when the SSID broadcast is turned off.

To download it you have to fill out some information, but luckily you can just make anything up and you can download it. When you run it, you will get a list of all the networks in your area. Note that Windows cannot detect networks with disabled SSID.
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When connected to the network, gateway, DNS server, MAC address, etc. can be displayed. If not, you will only see the information in the middle section which will tell you the SSID, signal strength and network mode (a / b / g / n / ac), encryption (WPA, WPA2 etc), channel and frequency.

As a reminder, you must be connected via WiFi or Ethernet in order to determine the IP address of the standard gateway via the command prompt. If you have more than one router on your network, you’ll need to browse your network using the tools I mentioned in my previous post.

When you’re not connected to the network, you can still use a WiFi discovery tool to get basic information about wireless networks. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment. Enjoy!


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